March 15, 2015

 To  FHHRP Members

 From: FHHRP Board of Directors

 The Manhattan City Commission election is slated for April 7. We are pleased to send you our 2015 Voter Guide endorsing Jerred McKee and Linda Morse. We feel these candidates truly want to see equality for all Manhattan residents, and not hide behind the semantics. They will work to achieve equality and non-discrimination for the LGBT community as City Commissioners. Please go to the polls and make your voice heard! There are 3 open spots, but you may vote for just 2 if you choose. Please read all the elaborated answers to make your choices.

We posed a series of 5 yes/no questions, with space to elaborate their answers  to each of the six candidates (elaborated answers can be accessed below the chart by clicking on each name). Mike Dodson was reached and declined to answer.

 1-      Would you support amending the City of Manhattan’s non-discrimination hiring policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity?                                             

                 Yes- Jerred McKee, Linda Morse, John Ball                                                No- Wynn Butler, Kaleb James

 2-      Would you support amending the City of Manhattan’s Civil Rights Ordinance (Ch. 10, Sec. 10-2b) to include sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class as it relates to housing, employment, and public accommodation?                                   

                Yes- Jerred McKee, Linda Morse       No- John Ball, Kaleb James         Maybe- Wynn Butler

 3-      Do you believe it should be illegal for individuals to discriminate in connection with public accommodation (dining, shopping, etc...), employment, and housing by citing personal beliefs such as religion?                                                                                               

              Yes- Jerred McKee, Linda Morse, Wynn Butler                        No-John Ball, Kaleb James

 4-      Do you support Governor Brownback’s executive order to strip legal protection to state-employed LGBT citizens?                                                                                                        

              No- Jerred McKee, Linda Morse         Yes- John Ball                   NA- Wynn Butler

 5-      The city commission, as a body, often supports or opposes proposed state legislation or advocates for changes in existing legislation.  Do you support HB 2323, recently amended and reintroduced in the Kansas House of Representatives, which states that sexual orientation and gender identity should become protected classes, such as religious preference or military service, both  which are protected classes, in the state’s nondiscrimination policy?          

               Yes- Jerred McKee, Linda Morse, Wynn Butler                        No- Kaleb James, John Ball

Elaborated Answers (Click on Candidate Name)


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